Go Slow Yoga is a movement that explores the interior landscape we cultivate within our yoga practice by focusing beyond the physical practice.



Yoga Workshops

Our workshops are a blend of classical yoga asanas (postures) delivered in various styles, combined with physical and mental relaxation in the form of self massage and acupressure, and yoga nidra.  The workshops are deep, strong and powerful, yet completely accessible. 

Yoga Retreats

Retreat.  Slowly.

The perfect opportunity to give yourself a break:  a chance to pause, listen and reflect.

The slower the better...

What is Go Slow Yoga?

Find out more about what we offer, and why we offer it.

Yoga is an inclusive discipline that brings about long lasting change on and off the mat.  At Go Slow we particularly enjoy practicing slowly and deeply.


“The Go Slow Yoga workshop was so professionally delivered with such grace, love & integrity" -Wendy